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We are pleased to let everyone know that from June 2011 the Sphynx Cat was granted Championship status by the GCCF.


The Sphynx Breeders Association has been granted affiliation by the GCCF which entitles

us to send a delegate to the GCCF Council Meetings.



The Sphynx Breeders Association was started in September 2005 by a group of breeders and Sphynx enthusiasts who had known each other for a number of years and wanted to see this

  lovely cat on the show bench.


The Association was formed to promote this wonderful breed.


The members of this association have worked tirelessly for seven years to gain recognition with the GCCF.

June 21st 2006 was when this was obtained.


On Saturday 6th June a Sphynx - Woozles Batman became the first Sphynx ever to obtain BEST IN SHOW

at a GCCF Show. It was the Somerset Cat Show in Weston-super-Mare





This is a photograph of Elliot. He is the first GCCF registered Sphynx to gain four merits in the U.K.



                 This is a photograph of Elliott. He was the first GCCF registered Sphynx

                                                 to gain four merits in the U.K.                                                                                                                                  Sphynx Babies








These are photographs of Gina's cat. She helped with our presentation at the Supreme Show

in November last year.









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